About us

Reinvent the future of plastics through circular economy

Our Vision

Biotic envisions a world where plastic is no longer a concern

Provide Fully biological, biodegradable and environmentally friendly drop-in alternative to fossil based-plastic, contributing towards reducing pollution and contributing towards a healthier planet.

Sustainable, Scalable, Seamless 

Continuously develop technologies target to provide holistic solutions that can successfully fulfill global plastic demands, in a cost-effective manner, seamlessly adapting to production machinery and providing the end user with an agnostic product throughout the entire supply chain.

Rethink the use of materials and products, Repurpose available and cross industry techniques, methods and equipment, and Reinvent the future of plastics through circular economy

Biotic’s Mission

Develop scalable, end to end, fully biological processes, with optimal use of biomass, minimal waste, low carbon footprint. 
Manufacture, sublicense and market fully bio-based and fully biodegradable polymers to enable the replacement of all fossil-fuel-plastics.
Offer a variety of commodities across the globe, to fulfill global plastic demands, ensuring an agnostic and seamless transition, for both consumers and producers, to environmentally friendly alternatives.


: of, relating to,

or caused by living organisms. 

: of, relating to, or caused by living organisms. 

Environment first

We ensure that in every action we make, whether we develop new methodologies, choose ingredients, or design new systems, we do not harm our planet and its habitats.


We aim to provide our stakeholders, team members, suppliers, customers, partners and the community with an open and consistent channel of information.

Integrity & Respect 

Pursue what makes a difference, rather than what is comfortable.We behave with integrity, respect, and awareness that we are responsible for our actions. 
Set your house in order before criticizing others, do not allow yourself to become resentful, deceitful, or arrogant. 

Innovativeness & Inspiration

We actively promote new ideas and risk taking, striving to learn from everything we do, especially failures, and translate this into simple and doable actions.
We adapt to a solution-based-mindset. Before raising problems, take a moment to prepare possible solutions. 


Building an ecosystem based on knowledge sharing and community engagement.
Developing relationships with suppliers, compounders, and customers that will enhance partnerships for a circular economy.

The Team

Adi Goldman

Adi Goldman

CEO & Co-founder

Eran Perlstein

Eran Perlstein

COO & Co-founder

Einat Truger

Einat Truger

Business Development
& Marketing

Etai Landou

Etai Landou

Head of R&D

Prof. Anatoliy Solonenko

Prof. Anatoliy Solonenko

Head of Algae Pre-treatment

Geffen Coster

Geffen Coster

Polymers Engineer Manager

Eti Levi Rozen

Eti Levi Rozen

Head of OPS & Supply Chain

Lotan Moscovici

Lotan Moscovici


Noy Bacharuzi

Noy Bacharuzi

Polymer Engineer

Eirit Fishman

Eirit Fishman

VP Finance

Moran Kopel -

Senior R&D Scientist

Lotem Benbenishti

Fermentation Scaleup Specialist

Liel Brod

Molecular Biologist

Ofri Levy

Fermentation specialist

Dror Creveld

Marcom & Education

Ido Ramot

Plant Engineering

Omer Krispil

R&D scientist

Haya Sharon Leibovitz

Bookkeeper & payroll accountant

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