Biotic raises €2m seed round to commodify biodegradable plastic materials

November, 2022


Amsterdam, November 8, 2022: Rockstart, global early stage investor and accelerator, announces its co-investment in Biotic, a Rockstart Agrifood portfolio company. The € 2m round was led by Paseo Rosalez, UM6P Ventures, The Yield Lab Asia Pacific, Norfolk Green Ventures, Cambridge Agritech and alongside Rockstart. The startup plans to use the funding to build a plant, optimize processes, and increase production capacity.

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Biotic envisions a world where plastic is no longer a concern. Their mission is to produce bio-based and safe alternatives to fossil-based plastics, a ~ $500 bn market, at a competitive cost to fossil-based plastics. As a commodity manufacturer producing bioplastic flakes or pellets, their customers range across all industries. Biotic’s thermoplastic polymers fit a wide range of plastic applications, from very flexible to very ruggedized products.

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